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LAI at AIA | DC's DesignDC 2018

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Wanting to share their ideas on "Constructing an Equitable Future" from a Landscape Architects view, Jeff Lee and Adrienne McCray present at this years DesignDC conference.

October 3rd marked the second day of AIAIDC's Design DC Convention celebrating the theme of "Constructing an Equitable Future". Jeff Lee and Adrienne McCray had the opportunity to speak and share their views on the challenges and solutions of reach that goal.

Titled "An Avid Cyclist and Landscape Architect Shares Bike Lane / Cycle Track / Bike Path Design Challenges and Solutions", Adrienne presented with Nelle Pierson, Director of Communications at JUMP Bikes, to showcase case studies highlighting the impact of inclusion in open spaces, on planning and design teams, and when gathering user input from their unique perspectives.

Jeff's session, which was titled "Public Realm: Quantity and Quality Opportunities to Capture and Enhance Democratic Space", explored the history of DC and how it developed into the city it is now. Furthermore, he expresses the current issue with how current public realm development takes place and delves into the solutions that could create publicly accessible space for the common good.

Jeff Lee speaking at AIA DC

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